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Kashwere Robes

It's no wonder the Kashwere Luxury Robe landed on Oprah's Favorite Things!  Once you wrap yourself in the softness of Kashwere you will be coming back for more.  Made from a special micro-fiber yarn exclusive to Kashwere, these robes can be washed and dried with no shrinking or pilling.  In fact, it seems they just get softer with each wash!  Get the softness of cashmere without paying high prices.
The popular Kashwere Robe is available in two different styles:
  The Classic Shawl Collared Robe is a generously sized robe made with a heavier gauge of Kashwere yarn.  This style is perfect for those seeking a thicker, more traditional robe with pockets and wide sleeves. 
The Seasonless Robe features a slimmer cut and is made from a lightweight weave.  This robe is perfect for year-round wear and warmer climates.  A rolled collar and narrow cut sleeves allow for more freedom of movement.  You can even cook in this robe without your sleeves getting in the way!