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Make A Statement With Your Wedding SHOES!


It's no secret that many brides nowadays are looking for ways to set themselves apart from other brides and one fabulous way of doing this....wearing colorful shoes!  While the traditional white, cream and ivory shoes are still amazing, there is nothing like a magnificent shoe to give a Bride a little heightened confidence!


A bride can venture many different avenues when searching for the perfect wedding shoe!  If you want more of a traditional look but with a pop of color, you can go with a more conventional looking shoe but dye it you or your Groom’s favorite color or as your something blue.  Of course, for the more daring brides, your options are endless!  If you LOVE a particular pattern, find a shoe that reflects that or simply find a remarkable shoe in your wedding color.  If your wedding has a more rustic look, an extraordinary cowboy boot is a great addition to your dress!


And for the DIY bride, your options are endless!  Taking a simple shoe and transforming it to reflect you and your wedding will make your shoes one to remember.  As far as I’m concerned, no item is off limits when it comes to your wedding.  Go bold with feathers, bows, flowers, tulle or even a little paint!  If your wedding dress has lace, flowers, etc., keep the remaining bits and pieces after your alterations and glue those on your shoes to take them to another level!


Last but not least, the Bride who LOVES her bling!  If you’re one of these brides, you know that there is definitely not a shortage of blinged out shoes but if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, customize them!  A shoe full of bling is always a show stopper but for a little more conservative look, taking rhinestones up the heel is a dazzling but unexpected touch.  But if you really want a one-of-a-kind shoe, add your new initials using rhinestone letters.



BE ADVENTUROUS…after all, a great pair of shoes can be a bride’s best friend!



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