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  • We're all just in it for the party!

    When you open that wedding invite and RSVP yes, it’s no secret that were all just in it for the party…right?! ADhvBO5

    I mean in all seriousness, after the tears of joy, loving vows and heartfelt toasts (which are incredibly beautiful) everyone is ready to get the party started!

    So, here are some ideas to keep the mood light and FUN!

    il_214x170_847346192_jftnIf you’ve been dating for what seems like FOREVER, play that up in your engagement pictures!

    If you’re lucky enough to still have your Grandparents, have your Grandma’s be the flower girls!  You could even take it a step further and have your Granpa’s be the ring bearers!  You’ll be sure to make their day and make your guests smile!

    If you don’t go with that suggestion, have your ring bear walk down the aisle carrying a sign that will calm your Groom’s nerves with a good laugh!detail0002

    Write on the bottom of your wedding shoes!  Depending on the personality of the couple, your options are endless with this one!

    imagesTTIBLU8CAdd some humor into your head table by making some creative seat markers instead of the traditional Bride & Groom!

    If you decide to have a traditional cake, take it a step further by making your cake topper one of a kind!

    One of my personal favorites and I think the PERFECT touch to your day, a photo booth!  Have chalkboard signs that your guests can write sayings on…they will get funnier as the night goes on!

    Now don’t forget, you can add little signs throughout your day that will set the tone for the rest of your extraordinary day!

    ‘A party is the catalyst to celebrating the PEOPLE in our lives!’

  • Thinking about Eloping?!

    I think eloping has always been sort of a taboo but now, I think it is becoming more and more of a sweet tradition!  So if you’re torn between that ‘big’ day and the romantic gesture of eloping, here are some thoughts to help make the decision a little easier!

    First, make sure that eloping is what you and your fiancé TRULY want! 

    People (especially close friends and family) are going to question why you eloped… so be proud and explain with honesty!  If breaking your parent’s hearts is the one thing from leaving that big huge day behind, bring along your parents and maybe even your best friend as a witness if you aren’t set on it just being the two of you!  This way, you can still maintain some of those wedding traditions by getting ready with those important women/men while still getting that elopement feel!

    Second, don’t forget to make sure it’s legal!

    Make sure wherever you decide to elope, whether it be in your home state or out of the country,  that you understand what you need before you take off … Like an officiant, witness and your marriage certificate!

    Third, don’t skimp just because you’re eloping!

    Just because it’s just the two of you (or a very small crowd), doesn’t mean you still can’t hire that local wedding planner, a photographer, a videographer, etc.!  And don’t forget to spoil yourself as a couple with a gorgeous dress, suit and much more!

    Fourth, make your day looks just as you envisioned!

    Decorate the area where you’ll exchange vows just as you would if you were having that ‘big’ day!  And set up a sweetheart table topped with your perfect centerpiece, bottle of champagne and your first dinner as a married couple!

    Fifth, don’t forget that marriage announcement!

    Your friends and family will be wondering the status of your engagement so this is the perfect way to show off those incredible wedding photos and let them know you got hitched!

    Last … And the most important step … Relax & have fun!

    Remember, you did this because you didn’t want the stress of that big wedding, so enjoy yourself because at the end of the day, if you’re married to your best friend, that’s ALL that matters!

    ‘Take my hand and we will run away…’

  • FALL in L.O.V.E.

    With the first day of fall coming up next week … why not talk fall weddings!?!

    Like anything wedding related, I’m infatuated with all of the new trends and with Google at your fingertips, you will be too!  But if I were planning a fall wedding, I think it would look a little something like this…

    First, start with your colors because that will be the foundation for all of your wedding day choices!  Most of you know by now that I’m obsessed with any shade of pink so naturally, I’m drawn to the Raspberry, Rose, Light and Dark Gray combo…with some gold glittery things thrown in!

    metallic-gold-wedding-shoesNext, I’d scope out non-traditional spaces like lofts, restaurants, galleries and museums for a venue!  Spaces like these can give you that rustic space with a modern twist without having to be freezing in a barn (if you’re into late fall)!

    Top the space off with a short and sweet ceremony and then move onto the reception!  Rather than having a traditional formal sit down dinner or even a buffet, give your guests something a little different… a cocktail reception!  It’s essentially a cocktail hour for your entire reception!  Your guests can mingle while drinks and incredible food flow all night!

    Thank your guests for coming by having a firepit with some cozy seating, blankets and some smores (if the space allows) or send them home with a little care package to save for a later date!

    Now all of this is the start for one incredible wedding if I do say so myself BUT… the Bride and Groom need to top the day off!

    I absolutely LOVE this Jim Hjelm wedding dress for a fall wedding – it’s perfect for an outdoor ceremony and a fabulous indoor party!  Top it with some rose gold jewelry and you’ve got yourself a stunning ensemble!

    Let your Groom stand out in a handsome vest topped with a bowtie and let your groomsman go a little more casual with a button up and some suspenders!

    Now get to planning your fairytale FALL wedding!

    ‘Let’s FALL in love and never look back!’

  • Wedding Anniversaries by Year!

    Being that today is my 4th wedding anniversary; I was curious what the ‘traditional’ anniversary gift was and thought I’d share them with you all!

    Now, you may be like my husband and I and forego gifts and opt for a little getaway instead (or a stay-cation like were doing this year)!  Regardless what your preference is, I think the traditions are fascinating but as I was searching for the traditional gifts, I noticed modern pairings with the years as well!  I’ll share the first 60 years (because wait until you see what the 60th is) but there are gift suggestions all the way up to your 100TH ANNIVERSARY!












    Crystal or Glass


    Fruit or Flowers









    Wool or Copper

    Desk Sets


    Pottery or Bronze



    Willow or Pottery



    Tin or Aluminum

    Diamond Jewelry



    Fashion Jewelry


    Silk or Linen




    Textile Furs



    Gold Jewelry




























                                                  ‘Grow old along with me … the best is yet to be!’ 

                                                                        Happy Anniversary!

  • I have to register?!

    So for me (and I think most couples now-a-days), wedding registries are more of a HAVE to rather than a WANT to!

    By the time I got married, my husband and I had lived together for just shy of 3 years so we had all of the basic necessities!  Now of course I wanted some of my kitchen items upgraded but other than that, we wanted what every other couple NEEDS… money!  Naturally I wanted to ask for cash in lieu of wedding gifts since I had received all of my WANT items at my bridal showers BUT… our parents put the kibosh on that idea!  So, just like every other couple, we got items that we didn’t want or need, re-gifted items (YES! I said re-gifted) and items we couldn’t return… Donations, here we come!

    After my gift craziness, I just couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a better way to get exactly what you want and need... Until I came across this – BLUEPRINT REGISTRY!

    This registry is simply incredible!

    Straight from Blueprint… It’s convenient, personal and visual!  It allows your friends, family and loved ones to be involved in the gift giving process by clicking through your blueprint and visualizing where their gift will be used in your home!

    Now there are just 5 easy steps to create your fabulous registry:

    Step One: Create your Registry (it’s free!)

    Step Two: Start Adding Gifts

    • From unique collections to well-known retailers, you’ll be able to add any items you desire!

    Step Three: Add Group Gifts & Favorites

    • This allows your guests to contribute together to your top gifts!

    Step Four: Add Cash Gifts

    • Yes, I said cash!  This is where you’ll register for your honeymoon, date nights, home fund, wedding fund or even your favorite charity!

    Step Five: Personalize Your Registry

    • You can add photos and even welcome your guests with a personalized message!

    Now the last ‘step’ of this process is pure genius!  Two weeks after your wedding, you will receive a detailed summary of your gifts with a return guide making your Thank You cards and returns beyond easy!

    This is the registry of ALL registries … Happy Registering!

  • Two of my Obsessions!

    It’s been a while - what a crazy start to summer!  With that being said… I’ve missed blogging and have found a TON of inspiration that I want to share with you all!

    I actually managed to narrow down my newest obsessions to 2 (shocking I know)!

    My first obsession is this fabulously chic wedding invitation…

    To say I am obsessed with this invite is an understatement!  You could transition this amazing idea for a bachelorette party, a baby shower, a bridal shower or even a birthday party (since making 100 of these would be quite the task)!   I especially love this idea for a bachelorette party by getting creative and using bra and/or panty cut-outs and some embarrassing (but you didn’t get that from me) pictures of the bride!

    Now my second obsession is art…

    Yes, I said art… Dart art!  This kind of art that is for that super fun couple… but definitely not for an indoor wedding!  Start with a canvas (big or small, whatever you prefer), then you fill a ton of balloons up with paint and tack them onto the canvas!  Have a bucket of darts set out or set them on your guests’ seats… after the ceremony, have each guest pop a balloon!  The end product… an amazing piece of art that will hold a special place in your home!

    Now take my newest obsessions and create your own beautiful, on-of-a-kind versions to your already fabulous wedding day!

    It feels good to be back!


    “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”  Robert Fulghum

  • Think about YOUR Wedding Guests!

    Thank you!Being a wedding guest connoisseur… yes, connoisseur (I can consider myself that because I’ve worked at, decorated, been in and attended COUNTLESS weddings thus far)… I’ve seen a plethora of wedding styles!  Some weddings were impeccably thoughtful; while others… well you catch my drift!

    Now don’t get me wrong, we all know this day is about the two of you and the love that you share with each other BUT, you also want to make sure that your guests feel appreciated for being there with you!  So why not make their stay in your town (or destination) a little easier?!

    Here are my top 4 must haves for your wedding guests!

    Hotel Room Wedding Blocks!

    Save your guests the trouble (and a headache) of having to navigate travel sites to get the best hotel deal that is closest to your wedding activities!  Trust me; your guests will appreciate it… especially if there are any activities going on in the city your wedding is taking place (I know firsthand)! 

    Welcome Bags! (See Blog Post… How to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Special)

    These can be left in all hotel rooms associated with your wedding block!  Use your imagination and fill those bags up! Don't Drink & Drive!

    A safe ride home!

    If you’re fortunate enough to have connections or can splurge on transportation to and from your wedding venue and the hotel…do it!  If that isn’t an option, lay out phone lists of local cabs!

    Individual Notes!

                    For those intimate weddings, include individual notes with each guests’ party favor!

    Thank you… Thank you… THANK YOU!

  • Wedding Apps You’ll Be Sure to Want!

    When I got married (only 4 years ago in June), this whole Wedding App craze wasn’t even a thing… to my knowledge anyway… so needless to say, I’m obsessed with them!   I started to delve into the best possible apps that I could share with all of you and the options are seriously overwhelming!  With that being said, I’ve narrowed it down the endless choices to 10 of my favorites!

    The Knot … This is the Apps of all Apps!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wedding websites and online RSVP’s and the Knot certainly does all of that and MUCH more!  You can even upload photos from Instagram or Facebook!

    GoPro … The perfectly unique way to capture your wedding from a different angle!

    Instagram … Of course!  Think of a creative hashtag and have your guests use it for every picture they upload!  If you’re creative juices aren’t flowing, check out this website for inspiration -

    FreePrints … Where you can print all of those hashtag photos, for FREE!

    LiveLens … Similar to Skype only this App allows multiple guests who couldn’t be in attendance to tune in from various devices!

    MyFitnessGuide … Because let’s face it, most brides kick their exercise routine and diet into high gear once they say YES!

    Pinterest … Start an inspiration board because where else are you going to turn your dream wedding into a reality?

    PRIV … Need a last minute touch-up (or fix)?  PRIV offers a 24/7 beauty service where your professional will be there to the rescue in under an hour!

    Wedding Dress Up … This App lets you play dress up!  You can sift through dresses by price, sizes and style!   

    Zola … For the more modern and technologically advanced couple, this App allows you to add items from any store and allows guests to purchase/donate to your honeymoon, experiences, services and even go in on gifts together!

    Now get to downloading!!!

  • Kissing Menu

    What do you think about the age old tradition of clinking silverware on glasses to make the wedding couple kiss?!

    Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of this ritual (one of the main reasons we opted for plastic cups and silverware) so when I saw this super creative idea, I fell in love with it…

    A Kissing Menu!

    Now first, you’ll need to make sure you place a Kissing Menu at each of your tables and maybe even throw a couple around the bar (where you might get the most entertaining ones)!  Next, make sure your DJ or Band announces the rules of the game before your reception starts; if they need to wave their arms to catch the DJ’s attention or simply go up to the DJ booth and ask for the spotlight!  Then…let the kissing games begin!!!

    Top the menu off with a cute little saying such as…

    If you want to see the Newlyweds kiss…A clink of a glass? 

    Haha…you’re going to work harder for this! 

    We have a list from which you can choose for which you may need a little booze!

    The better the performance, the longer the kiss!

    Follow it up with your favorite tasks (My top 10)…

    • Newlywed Trivia: Answer a question about the bride or the groom
    • Go Hawks Go: For ISU fans only: Stand up and yell, Go Hawks Go! – Must have participation from the entire table (Insert favorite and opposite team names)
    • The Cheapskate: Help Jake’s blood pressure – the bigger the donation, the better the kiss! (Insert Groom’s name)
    • The Comedian: Make us Laugh
    • The Copy Cat: Demonstrate a kiss for us to copy
    • The Embarrassed Embrace: Share a funny story about you and the Bride and/or Groom
    • The French Toast: Share your best marriage advice
    • The Heart Warmer: Share a sentimental and sweet toast – if we get a little misty, we will kiss longer than your toast
    • The Entertainer: Start your own conga line or a routine dance on the dance floor (Ex: Thriller)
    • The Serenade: Have your table sing us a love song!

    Not only is this a brilliant way of involving your guests but it is definitely a way to keep the traditional guests happy but with a modern twist to satisfy you and your more unconventional guests!  Not to mention the moments your photographer will capture, will make for fabulous memories!

    Hint: Etsy has a plethora of Kissing Menu options!

    “Weddings are not over until they are sealed with a kiss!” – Susan Marg

  • Creative Wedding Ideas!

    I know it’s been a while... and I’ve been overwhelmed by wedding inspiration but with no time to blog but with this beautiful weather comes wedding season and it’s got my creative juices flowing!!!

    As I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest and catching up on new wedding trends, there have been quite a few DIY, cost-saver, brilliant wedding ideas that have caught my eye and I’m so excited to share them with you!

    Starting off with the wedding…

    It’s no secret that the invites can get expensive so I am adoring the idea of Mad Lib RSVP’s!  Your guests will have a blast filling them out and once they’ve been returned to you, you’ve got a great keepsake to look back on!

    I love, love, love the idea of an Anniversary Piñata instead of a traditional guest book!  Have your guests write a joke, note, message, prediction or encouragement for you as a couple, which you will pop open on your first anniversary!

    Now the ceremony…

    Add a personalized aisle runner!  There are so many ways you can personalize the runner by:

    • Your names and/or initials
    • The Bride and Groom could write a special message to each other to be read as you each walk up the aisle
    • The lyrics to ‘your’ song as a couple
    • A quote or saying that is meaningful to the two of you
    • And my personal favorite… a timeline of your story as a couple (pictures and all)


    If you don’t have little ones in the family to fulfill that flower girl tradition, consider having your Grandma’s throw a few petals as they walk down the aisle!  I’m sure they will be flattered and it is definitely a fun way to include them in on your special day!

    Moving onto the reception…

    Bring in Local Food Trucks!  You can use them for your main course (if you have a small, intimate wedding) and/or bring in some fabulous desserts!  Your guests will love the creative and fun touch!

    Add in some lawn games (See Lawn Games…For a Wedding?! Blog @, like this full size Price is Right Wedding Wheel and your wedding will be beyond entertaining!

    Now don’t forget those Hangover Helper Kits filled with Gatorade, Advil and coupons to your favorite fast-food breakfast place!

    “Motto for the bride and groom: We are a work in progress with a lifetime contract!” – Phyllis Koss

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