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About us

I Thee Bling is a concept developed by a Mother and Daughter team – Susan Herrera and Morgann Mahoney.


The inspiration for this boutique comes from our mutual love of fashion and everything girly and sparkly!  We also discovered while planning Morgann’s wedding in 2010 how difficult it was to find a good selection of high-quality bridal accessories in our area.  If we were having this problem in a big city like Phoenix, surely there must be other Brides all across the country sharing the same frustration!   I Thee Bling is a combination of our own personal shopping style and the motto "couture for every girl".  It is our belief that a little creativity and thinking outside the box can result in a fabulous couture look for all Brides.  At I Thee Bling, "couture" accessories do not always carry an expensive price tag.  We feel high-quality accessories are essential in bringing out the best qualities of your gown and polishing your over-all look.  Sometimes it's not until the moment you put on your veil and headpiece that you truly feel like a Bride. To us, couture is the experience of feeling glamorous and beautiful on your wedding day.


We believe every bride has a vision of what they want to look like on their wedding day. Some have been planning this day since they were little girls. Each piece in our boutique has been carefully hand-picked for design and quality. Our designers and vendors are constantly creating new accessories each year so you can be assured what you see at I Thee Bling is going to be the current season's latest trend. 


We hope you enjoy your shopping experience. Thank you for letting I Thee Bling be a part of your special day.